Step 1. Menu Setup

a. Go to “Appearance” > “Menus”. b. Create a new menu, add pages and links c. Check “Navigation Menu” and save Please follow and like us:


Step 2. Install Recommended Plugins

a. Go to “Appearance” b. Check “Templatesnext Toolkit” and “Breadcrumb NavXT” c. Install and activate Please follow and like us:


Step 3. Create And Set A Front Page

a. Create a page, say “Front Page” and save b. Go to “Settings” > “Reading” C. Set your newly created page as static front page. d. Do same for blog if youRead More…


Step 4. Add Slider On Front Page

a. Open newly created “Front page” in editor. b. Check “Show default i-excel slider” to show default slider. c. Use [tx] to generate slider. d. Add the shortcode in “Other slider pluginRead More…


Step 5. Customize Theme Options

a. Go to “Appearance” > “Customize”. b. Setup your theme color, logo, layout etc. Please follow and like us: