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Understanding Cyclical Law is Kabbalah’s forte, to predict future conditions.

This is not a psychic prediction based upon feeling or intuition, but rather a practical approach utilizing mathematics to measure the quality of time unfolding through days, months and years.

Working with these cycles allows you to achieve greater success in your endeavours.

The Kabbalah is unique in that it recognizes these cycles of time and applies mathematical principles to measure and predict its quality during any given period. There are specific times to start projects, encourage growth and reap the rewards of successful growth. The Kabbalah also allows one to calculate their personal cycle to determine which cycle they are currently experiencing and will experience in the future.

The law of cycles also applies to business and personal life. It affects relationships and influences one’s thinking. With an understanding of time through cycles, one can work with cycles to create successful projects and minimize frustration. However, if one ignores cycles and works against or in ignorance of them, then failure is surely around the corner. It is the same as if a farmer were to plan a crop in autumn instead of spring —- nothing will grow.

Understanding time (or cycles) will give greater control over one’s life by illuminating the natural patterns that affect us all. The knowledge and use of cycles will allow anyone to achieve the successes they truly deserve.