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Energy Balanced Name Service

Our Energy Balanced Name Service will provide personalized name reading and new Energy Balanced Name selections analysis that you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to select the name as your new name.

If you do decide to proceed with a name change, you will find no better resources for accomplishing that goal than with the superior package of services that we offer.

What is an Energy Balanced Name?

It’s a name in complete harmony with your birth date and thus channels you naturally towards your true purpose in life. 【Includes analysis on the Chinese radicals (偏旁部首解析)】

When you choose a new energy balanced name, the effects can be immediate and dramatic. It also depends on your age of name change. The way you look at yourself, the way others perceive and treat you, your level of confidence, your energy, creativity and self-esteem, can all improve significantly.

For many, changing their name to a balanced one is an extraordinarily uplifting experience, having a far greater impact on their lives than they can ever imagine. (See testimonials on the right)

This is due to the ALPHABETS in the names that we have recommended to you, which have more than aesthetic and linguistic appeal. They are intrinsically tied to your birth path, i.e. the original calling you were meant to pursue. When you have alphabets in your names that are fully in sync with the cycles and phases of your life, measured from the day you were born, the path to realizing your full potential becomes clear and attainable.

No matter how old or young you are, it’s never too late or too early to benefit from the life-enriching influences of a energy balance name.

Master Ezier Chua selects energy balance names based on the mathematical and language principles of the Kabbalah. Her track record in helping others achieve prosperity, health, and happiness through changing their names is truly remarkable, with many expressing their utmost gratitude to her for guiding them back to their destined lifepath.

Each recommended name is analyzed individually and you will be informed on the specific attributes that each energy balance name has and how these attributes can enhance your life.

Advice on Changing Your Name:

  • Best way to jump start the power of your new name is to write it 20-100 times daily.
  • Change your identity card.
  • Present your new name to others by printing name cards with new name on it.